Allow me to introduce myself.  I'm a Boston-based creative, devoted to googling my name on a daily basis. 

I write ads, take pictures and make films.  

You may have come across me on Tinder.  But I'm taken now.  

To quote my LinkedIn,

"New Kid on the Block. Providing brand copy for digital print and media. Progressive experience and growing portfolio. Boston-based roots minus the boy band and Jordan Knight attributes."

Feel free to drop a line.  Just don't tell me you like my copy.  I will e-mail you repeatedly. Actually, I won't.  Unless you want to hire me.  

The final part below is also true:

My short documentary "JFK: Let Them Come To Berlin" screened at the 2014 Woods Hole Film Festival, which Movie Maker magazine calls "one of the coolest festivals in the world."

To verify, please go to LinkedIn or Google.  Just make sure you've found the right Ted Ryan.